CliniSafe provides detailed eLearning on the various website features.

Integrated Research Platform eLearning

Users of the Integrated Research Platform must complete the appropriate eLearning for the dashboards that they are allocated to use on a Project.

The “By Invitation” security model allows people to be invited onto Projects with the appropriate rights – and they then have to complete the eLearning for those features.

End User eLearning

End Users, (Investigators and Monitors), must complete the eLearning modules that cover the key features of the Wizard and Data Output.

CliniSafe provides a range of modules that cover all aspects of the Wizard and the associated pages.

These eLearning modules are translated by CliniSafe into a range of languages.

Use the Integrated Research Platform to define which modules are applicable for a Project / Country, depending on the features enabled.

For example – if the Subject Module is not being used, the eLearning module for the Subject Module is not defined for use on that Project / Country.