Benefits for Sponsors / CROs

The benefits of using CliniSafe on your studies are numerous and wide ranging.

Patient Health

The health of patients is of the utmost importance.

Study Success

The likelihood of study success is improved by reducing data wastage, etc, etc.

Easy Implementation

Implementation of electronic Drug Rules and project management is easy using the Integrated Research Platform.

Easily run Global Studies

With the easy ability to run project in different countries, on different timescales and even different drug rules – CliniSafe delivers messages translated into the language of each country.

Oversight of Projects

The Licence Holder feature of the Integrated Research Platform can easily maintain an oversight of all studies using CliniSafe.

Ease of Collaboration

Using the “By Invitation” security model, CliniSafe allows easy – but secure collaboration on studies.

Cost Saving

Significant cost savings can be made at both organisational and study level, including:

  • Use Monitors time more effectively
  • Reduce Data Wastage