CliniSafe Browser

What is it?

The CliniSafe® Browser is our free dedicated web browser. It has a clean interface that’s clear from clutter, loads quicker than any other browser, and allows you to work faster.

Getting Started:

The Browser is for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

The CliniSafe® Browser will be added as an entry on the Start Menu and as an icon on your Desktop.


Using the CliniSafe® Browser requires you to log on as usual into the CliniSafe® website over HTTPS.


The CliniSafe Browser is programmed using Microsoft .Net and is designed to run under Windows.

If your computer needs any software components, (e.g. .Net Framework 4) – these pre-requisites will be installed first.

These pre-requisites will be installed directly from Microsoft – CliniSafe is not responsible for incorrect installation of these.